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1. La Chew

La Chew

Art Stages

rough gagRough Gag
Jay Lynch's "La Chew" satire was changed slightly en route to publication. On the printed sticker, the tag line that Lynch wrote, "Pre-chewed for your convenience by prison laborers," was replaced by "Pre-chewed food for your digesting pleasure." Despite the omission of the prison reference, the character still wears an orange prisoner's jumpsuit as Lynch's rough indicated.

Lynch's line "Separate can of saliva from can of pre-chewed vegetables" was omitted, although the painted can lid appears to have been left a blank, flat gray to allow for the addition of computer lettering.

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La Chew finished artFinal Painting
Zina Saunders' painting includes the line "Pre-chewed for your convenience by prison laborers," apparently hand-lettered, as suggested by the rough. The line was digitally replaced for the sticker.

The Topps Vault sold the finished art for "La Chew" for $1,825.00 in an eBay auction which ran from December 12 - 19, 2005.

Printed Card

card front card back Card Front & Back
Except for the "La Chew" logo, all of the lettering on the final sticker front was digitally added in the production process.

The Top Right (TR) piece of the "Go-Dirt" puzzle is found on the back of "La Chew."

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