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2. Scrapple


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rough gagRough Gag
Jay Lynch's "Scrapple" concept was changed in several ways before the final sticker was published. Lynch's "Iced Pig" subtitle was changed to "Iced Pig Scraps," and the tag line "It's swill—but it's swell" was changed to "Made from the best sties on Earth" to parody Snapple's slogan "Made from the best stuff on Earth."
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finished artFinished Art
Tom Bunk's original painting was sold for $2,038.00 in a Topps Vault eBay auction which ran from November 10-17, 2004.
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Printed Stickers

card front card back Card Front & Back
cling chase cardChase Card Version
Cling # 2 of 9

On the preliminary ANS1 checklist that Topps mailed to retailers in early 2004, "Gormel" was listed as cling #2. "Scrapple" was not a cling title at that stage.

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