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3. Coldfish


Art Stages

rough gagRough Gag
Jay Lynch's concept was largely carried through to the final sticker.
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finished artFinished Art
Zina Saunders' original art sold for $2,761.00 in a ToppsVault eBay auction which ran from October 11-18, 2004.
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Printed Cards

card front card back Card Front & Back
  Two lines of text that appeared on the printed sticker—"Don't Eat 'em—Bury 'em" and "Net Wt. 7.2 Decomposing Oz"— were added via computer during production.
vending stickerLicensed Vending Sticker
"Coldfish" is one of three diecut images on title #10 of 15 in the Wacky Packages Special Edition of vending stickers, released in February 2005.

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