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06. Buzzooka


Art Stages

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"Buzzooka" was a late addition to the ANS2 lineup, commissioned after Topps realized that none of the company's own products were the subject of parody in the set. Editor Jeff Zapata asked Jay Lynch for Bazooka gags, but ended up not using Lynch's ideas.

David Gross proposed two concepts: "Bathzooka" (gum that doubles as soap for washing out a kid's mouth) and "Buzzooka." Zapata asked Gross for roughs of these ideas, but because Gross wanted to paint from a Jay Lynch rough, he recommended passing the concepts to the veteran Wacky artist. Lynch wrote the jokes and designed and drew the two roughs, from which Topps selected "Buzzooka" to advance to the painting stage.

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Final Painting
For the painting, Gross was asked by Topps to change the boy on Lynch's rough to make him into more of a homage to "Gadzooka". Instead, Gross combined aspects of the "Gadzooka" Boy with the gum's mascot Bazooka Joe to create a character that is unique yet familiar. One of the bees on Lynch's rough was moved to echo the position of "Gadzooka"'s old teacher character.

Gross added the "Packs a Sting" joke while painting and changed the placement and style of the phrase "Honey Flavor" to ape the real product's "Original Bubble Gum" tag. Gross originally had painted "Clueless" at the top as Lynch had indicated, but on Lynch's last-minute suggestion, Gross changed it to read "Bee-Ware!" thirty minutes before he had to ship the finished piece to Topps.

Printed Sticker

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The checklist of the base set of 55 ANS2 stickers is found on the back of "Buzzooka".                                     

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