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The Annotated Wacky Packages pages aim to document Topps' All-New Series (2004 - present) in contextual depth for fans and collectors:

ANS1 base sticker 'Tired', 'Ratz' cling, 'Goodbye Kitty' tattoo, 'Cram' magnet

For information on classic, pre-2004 Wacky Packages stickers, visit the most complete resource on the Web,

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Topps issued the first wave of All-New Series 2 in a Test Release to limited markets in spring 2005. It was followed in summer by a Nationwide Release which introduced changes to the series' packaging and to one of the insert sets.

Test Release

The Test Release version of Wacky Packages All-New Series 2 (ANS2) shipped from Topps in early March 2005, 'Pig Newtons' almost ten months after the publication of All-New Series 1. Originally slated for Fall of 2004, the publication of the series was delayed to allow ANS1 more time to sell through the market. The Test Release was targeted at the New York metropolitan area, in which 2004's ANS1 had seen impressive sales. ANS2 boxes were soon to be found in limited quantities at stores such as Wal-Mart and Target in other cities as well. Cases and boxes were also readily available on eBay, where pre-sale auctions had begun up to a month in advance.

Like ANS1, the ANS2 Test issue consisted of 55 base stickers and 2 "chase card" subsets: tattoos (10 subjects, 1 in every 6 packs) and clear vinyl cling stickers (9 subjects, 1 in every 4 packs). Wacky Packages All-New Series 2 box (clings)The tattoo subjects were based on 10 titles from the base set, while the clings were derived from classic Wacky Packages stickers from 1967 to 1985.

Some quality control issues were seen with the Test release, including packs that contained fewer (or more) than 6 stickers, and small tears on the backs on the chase cards. Collectors who sent their damaged cards back to Topps quickly received replacements.

Nationwide Release

The second wave of ANS2 went on sale in hobby and retail outlets nationwide on July 20, 2005—more than four months after the Test Release. (Topps promotional material in March had indicated a June release, but in April the date was revised to late July.)

The Nationwide Release included changes and additions to the Test issue, most notably:ANS2 blister pack display

Joining the Nationwide Release on the shelves about a week later were additional new items, including:

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Click on the hyperlinked names for additional information about individual titles.

Promo Cards (2 titles)

P1 [ ] Goodbye Kitty
00 [ ] Spitter-Man

Base Set Cards (55 titles)

01 [ ] Goodbye Kitty29 [ ] Orangutina
02 [ ] Durasmell30 [ ] Final Step
03 [ ] Blisterine Strips31 [ ] Chokin' In The Sea
04 [ ] Stiffer Dusters32 [ ] Senior Mints
05 [ ] Organspray33 [ ] Pig Newtons
06 [ ] Buzzooka34 [ ] Punchables
07 [ ] Fool Iced Tea35 [ ] Top Secret
08 [ ] Tired36 [ ] Old Metal Files
09 [ ] Jailette Strike 337 [ ] Creeps
10 [ ] Starducks Coffee38 [ ] Liceol
11 [ ] Count Funkula39 [ ] Hounz Cat-Chunks
12 [ ] Salmon Joy40 [ ] U8 Trash
13 [ ] Thefty41 [ ] Queerasil
14 [ ] Snoritos42 [ ] Soggy Bottom Wet Pants
15 [ ] For Mummies43 [ ] Blister
16 [ ] Slobway44 [ ] Koff!
17 [ ] Nothin's45 [ ] Dims
18 [ ] FedUp46 [ ] epOxy
19 [ ] Hurtsey's Kissers47 [ ] Little Geezer's
20 [ ] Krusty Krumbs48 [ ] Ghoul Whip
21 [ ] Sweatin' Fish49 [ ] Gums
22 [ ] Vermina Rat Chow 50 [ ] Headhunter Helper
23 [ ] Spores51 [ ] Minnow Maid
24 [ ] Castro Oil52 [ ] Skunkist
25 [ ] Bling Dings53 [ ] Hairy Combs
26 [ ] Aquafinal54 [ ] Unlucky Charms
27 [ ] Alberto's BO555 [ ] Cheapos
28 [ ] Mrs. Rash

Bonus Cards (5 titles)

B3 [ ] Easy-Burn
B4 [ ] Plop on Pop
B5 [ ] Chairman
B6 [ ] Done-In
B7 [ ] Snout

Tattoos (10 titles)

01 [ ] Tired06 [ ] Sweatin' Fish
02 [ ] Goodbye Kitty     07 [ ] Chokin' in the Sea
03 [ ] Thefty08 [ ] Final Step
04 [ ] Bling Dings09 [ ] Cheapos
05 [ ] Blister10 [ ] Pig Newtons

Cling Cards (9 titles - Test Release only)

01 [ ] Ajerx06 [ ] Glutton
02 [ ] Weakies07 [ ] Cram
03 [ ] Quacker Oats08 [ ] Dr. Pooper
04 [ ] Hawaiian Punks     09 [ ] Wormy Packages
05 [ ] Ratz

Magnet Cards (9 titles - Nationwide Release only)

01 [ ] Ajerx06 [ ] Glutton
02 [ ] Weakies07 [ ] Cram
03 [ ] Quacker Oats08 [ ] Dr. Pooper
04 [ ] Hawaiian Punks     09 [ ] Wormy Packages
05 [ ] Ratz

Unpublished Paintings*

[ ] Creeps (violet version)
[ ] Slacker Jack
[ ] Twits

* See notes about unpublished Wacky Packages

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Credits Matrix

John Williams - Editor and Writer
Jeff Zapata - Editor, Concept Artist, and Writer
Len Brown - Editorial Consultant

#TitlePainterConcept Writer/Artist
01Goodbye KittyDavid GrossDavid Gross
02DurasmellStrephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
03Blisterine StripsGeorge WrightJay Lynch
04Stiffer DustersDavid GrossDavid Gross
05OrgansprayStrephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
06BuzzookaDavid GrossDavid Gross/Jay Lynch
07Fool Iced TeaDavid GrossDavid Gross
08TiredJohn PoundJay Lynch
09Jailette Strike 3Strephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
10Starducks CoffeeLuis DiazJohn Marshall/Jeff Zapata
11Count FunkulaDavid GrossDavid Gross
12Salmon JoyJohn PoundJay Lynch (1970s)
13TheftyDavid GrossDavid Gross
14SnoritosTom BunkJohn Marshall/Jeff Zapata
15For MummiesDavid GrossDavid Gross
16SlobwayStrephon TaylorJohn Marshall/Jeff Zapata
17Nothin'sTom BunkJay Lynch
18FedUpDavid GrossDavid Gross
19Hurtsey's KissersJay LynchNeil Camera
20Krusty KrumbsNeil CameraNeil Camera
21Sweatin' FishDavid GrossDavid Gross
22Vermina Rat ChowStrephon TaylorFrank Santopadre/?
23SporesDavid GrossDavid Gross
24Castro OilClaude St. AubinNeil Camera
25Bling DingsDavid GrossDavid Gross
26AquafinalStrephon TaylorJohn Marshall/Jeff Zapata
27Alberto's B05David GrossDavid Gross
28Mrs. RashStrephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
29OrangutinaSean GreatheadFrank Santopadre/Jeff Zapata
30Final StepDavid GrossDavid Gross
31Chokin' In The SeaStrephon TaylorFrank Santopadre/?
32Senior MintsStrephon TaylorFrank Santopadre/Jeff Zapata
33Pig NewtonsStrephon TaylorJohn Marshall/Jeff Zapata
34PunchablesDavid GrossDavid Gross
35Top SecretDavid GrossDavid Gross
36Old Metal FilesDavid GrossDavid Gross
37CreepsDavid GrossDavid Gross
38LiceolDavid GrossDavid Gross
39Hounz Cat-ChunksJohn PoundJay Lynch
40U8 TrashDavid GrossDavid Gross
41QueerasilNeil CameraNeil Camera
42Soggy Bottom Wet PantsDavid GrossDavid Gross
43BlisterDavid GrossDavid Gross
44Koff!David GrossDavid Gross
45DimsDavid GrossDavid Gross
46epOxyDavid GrossDavid Gross
47Little Geezer'sNeil CameraNeil Camera
48Ghoul WhipDavid GrossDavid Gross
49GumsDavid GrossDavid Gross
50Headhunter HelperDavid GrossDavid Gross
51Minnow MaidMark SparacioFrank Santopadre/?
52SkunkistSean GreatheadJay Lynch
53Hairy CombsDavid GrossDavid Gross
54Unlucky CharmsGlover BrothersFrank Santopadre/Neil Camera
55CheaposStrephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
B3Easy-BurnDavid GrossDavid Gross
B4Plop on PopJohn Pound?
B5ChairmanStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
B6Done-InStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
B7SnoutStrephon TaylorNeil Camera

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Starting in the summer of 2004, promotions for ANS2 included giveaway cards; flyers and other printed advertising; ads on the Web; and a television commercial.

Print Advertising

Promo Cards

Goodbye Kitty

Visitors to the Topps booth at the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-25) received a sneak peek at ANS2 when company representatives gave away the "Goodbye Kitty" advance promotional sticker, numbered P1.

Promo Back - click to enlarge Promo Back - click to enlarge "Kitty", conceived by writer/artist David Gross, was later issued as Base Sticker #1 in the final All-New Series 2 set. The back of the P1 card lists Fall '04 as the ANS2 release date.


Topps distributed a free card (not a die-cut sticker) at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con (July 14-17) which served as a promotion for both ANS2 and a tease for All-New Series 3, which was then five months away from its initial release.

The image then appeared on base card #29 in ANS3.

'Spitter-Man' promo front 'Spitter-Man' promo back The card front is a parody of the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962), the first appearance of Marvel's Spider-Man. The back of the card touts ANS2 as "On Sale Now!" while suggesting that ANS3 is "Coming Soon."

Flyers/Sell Sheets/Posters

Sell Sheet #1 - Test Release

ANS2 Sell Sheet #1 - Test Release (click to enlarge) The sell sheet for the Test Release is distinguishable from the subsequent Nationwide Release sheet in that it promotes cling inserts, and the mock-ups of the the box and pack show "Bling Dings" as one of the three featured titles (the released packaging had "Buzzooka" in its place). The word "Tattoos" is also misspelled on the mock-up packaging. Detail showing the cling example

Sell Sheet #2 - Nationwide Release

ANS2 Sell Sheet #2 - Nationwide Release (click to enlarge) Nationwide sheet #1 is very similar to the Test sheet, but it promotes magnet inserts, and more accurately shows "Buzzooka" on the packaging. Detail showing the magnet example

Sell Sheet #3 - New TV Ads

ANS2 Sell Sheet for New TV Ads (click to enlarge) Another sell sheet was issued to focus on supporting promotions such as TV advertising for the Nationwide Release.

TV Ad Blitz Flyer

ANS2 Ad Blitz Flyer side A - click to enlarge ANS2 Ad Blitz Flyer side B - click to enlarge Topps issued a 2-sided flyer in May 2005 that heralded "massive promotional support" for the Nationwide Release of ANS2, including a TV commercial and licensed products.

Store Displays Sheet

This sheet previewed display arrangements for the Nationwide Release of ANS2.

ANS2 Store Displays Sheet (click to enlarge) *  4-Box Category Manager
*  20-Count Blister Pack Display
*  72-Count Gravity Feed
*  2-Box Display
*  4-Box Floorshipper

ANS2 Store Displays Sheet (click to enlarge)"On Sale Here" Poster

Included in each ANS2 hobby box (coded 1-777-30-02-4) was a poster meant to be hung in specialty stores such as comics and card collectible shops.

The poster design is very similar to the layout of the back of the "Annoying Spitter-Man" promo card; a variation on the theme was also used in magazine ads.

"Locker" Tri-fold Brochure

ANS2 Brochure

Panel 1 (front cover) of the tri-fold brochure appears as the outside door of a school locker, plastered with ANS2 Wacky Packages. When the brochure is opened, panel 2 (inside front cover) appears as the back of the door, with more stuck Wackys. The folded-over panel 5 depicts the interior of the locker with a box, packs, more Wacky stickers, and a cameo appearance by a Garbage Pail Kids sticker from All-New Series 4, "Nin JACK", (painted by Luis Diaz, the artist of ANS2's "Starducks"). Panel 5 folds back to reveal panels 3 and 4, which provide details on the series and depict a mock-up of the box, packs, sample base stickers, and inserts. Finally, panel 6 (back cover) lists some of the expected promotions.

An early version of the "Locker" brochure was apparently issued for the Test release. Based on the scans of it from eBay auctions, it appears to be a two-sided flyer, but this has not been confirmed.

Test Release "Locker" Flyer (presumed from scans in eBay auction)

Locker flyer side 1 Side 1 - Elements which distinguish this flyer from the tri-fold "Locker" brochure include: cling inserts are advertised rather than magnets, and the word "locked" is misspelled as "locke" (this is corrected in the later brochure).
Locker flyer side 2 Side 2 - The mock-ups of the ANS2 box and packs in the brochure indicate cling inserts, and show "Bling Dings" as one of the featured titles on the packaging. On the actual boxes and pack wrappers, "Bling Dings" was replaced by "Buzzooka."

Nationwide Release Tri-fold Brochure

ANS2 Tri-fold Brochure pages 5, 6, and 1 (click to enlarge) Side 1 (panels 5, 6, and 1)
The tri-fold brochure corrects the misspelling of "locked" found on the earlier flyer.
ANS2 Tri-fold Brochure pages 2, 3, and 4 (click to enlarge) Side 2 (panel 2, 3, and 4)
All references to cling inserts on the earlier flyer have been replaced with references to magnets. The packaging mock-ups still show "Bling Dings" rather than "Buzzooka" as on the actual boxes and wrappers.

Associated Items

March 18, 2005 Dealer letter - click to enlarge Dealer Letter for Nationwide Release (March 18, 2005) Preliminary Checklist - click to enlarge Preliminary Checklist for Nationwide Release

Magazine Advertisements


Nickelodeon September 2005 magazine cover Nickelodeon magazine full-page ad for ANS2 - click to enlarge (September 2005, number 114)
A full-page ad for ANS2 was printed in this issue, which went on sale the week of August 10, 2005. The overall design of the ad is similar to that of the hobby box poster and the back of the "Spitter-Man" promo card.

Diamond Comics Previews

Previews September 2005 cover Previews catalog solicitation for ANS2 - click to enlarge (September 2005, Volume XV, #9)
This issue of the distributor's catalog carried a solicitation to hobby and comics shops for orders of ANS2 on page 418. Previously, Topps had only solicited the series in Diamond's Previews Update in April 2005.

Non-Sport Update

October-November 2005 Non-Sport Update magazine coverNon-Sport Update magazine full-page ad for the Topps Vault - click to enlarge (October-November 2005, Volume 16, No. 5)
A full-page advertisement for the Topps Vault, spotlighting ANS2 art auctions, appeared in this issue on page 31.

Store Displays

Target Display Sheet (Excell Marketing)

Target display sheet - click to enlarge Designed by trading card distributor Excell Marketing, this display was featured in the card sections in many Target stores. Unlike the equivalent ANS1 item, this sheet appeared only after the Nationwide Release had begun selling in Target, and the legend at the bottom read "Available Now" rather than an advance date. The sheets were marked to be displayed from 8/15 to 9/15/05.

Internet Advertising

While there were many web pages that promoted All-New Series 2, this section concentrates on official Topps web content, including company ads on non-Topps sites. Preview Pages

Topps' First Preview Web Page for ANS2 (click image to go to the page) Topps Revised Preview Web Page for ANS2, seen July 19, 2005 (click image to go to the page) Entertainment/ Brands
Topps posted its first preview web page for ANS2 in June 2005 (left). After the Topps site redesign, the preview page was revised slightly (right).
Topps Home Page (click image to go to the page) Topps Entertainment Page (click image to go to the page)
ANS2 'Coming Soon' animated banner - click to see the GIF
Wacky Mart link graphic - Click to see it in context Home (left)
Starting in mid-July, the redesigned Topps home page featured ANS2 prominently on one of the slides in a Shockwave slideshow that cycled when the page first loaded. Entertainment (middle)
Topps' redesigned Entertainment page featured: a graphic that changed on mouseover, which linked to the ANS2 preview page; a small banner linking to the "Wacky Mart" at; and a "Coming Soon" banner ad.

Page Graphics (right)
  Top right - "Coming Soon" banner ad
  Bottom right - "Wacky Mart" link graphic

Topps Vault Auctions

The Topps Vault web site promoted auctions for ANS2 original art and for exclusive autographed, PSA-graded card sets. The ANS2 art auctions began on June 1, 2005 and continued to run into autumn; the autographed card auctions started September 21.

Original Art Auctions

Auction ad [archived] from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Art Auction Ad #1A - Posted on the Topps Vault home page in May, this animated GIF announced that auctions were "Coming This June". Auction ad from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Art Auction Ad #2 - This static image was linked from the Topps Vault news page.
Auction ad from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Art Auction Ad #1B - This animated GIF (adapted from Ad #1A above) tells visitors to the Topps Vault home page that auctions are "Going on Now". Auction ad from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Art Auction Ad #3 - The ToppsVault eBay store page displayed this animated banner.

Autographed Card Auctions

Ad from Topps Vault site (click to enlarge archived image) Autographed Card Auction Ad #1A - Preview graphic originally found on the Topps Vault news page. Auction ad from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Autographed Card Auction Ad #2 - This preview image was linked from the Topps Vault news page.
Auction ad from Topps Vault site (click to connect to image) Autographed Card Auction Ad #1B - The ad above was changed to read "Available Now". Auction ad from Topps Vault eBay store (click to connect to image) Autographed Card Auction Ad #3 - The ToppsVault eBay store page displayed this banner.

Topps' Official Wacky Packages Site

Home Page site
The front page of the official site acknowledged the release of ANS2 in late August 2005 with a single graphic.

Topps made no further updates to the site during the shelf life of the second series.

Television Advertising

According to Topps' promotional material, a commercial for ANS2 was given a tryout in the New York market at the time of the Test Release.

The ad began running nationally on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network on August 22, 2005.

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Wacky Packages All-New Series 2 box (magnets)

The color scheme for ANS2 packaging was bright yellow with a red Wacky Packages logo. The logo was preceded by "The Original", perhaps to ensure that Topps' Wackys would be distinguished from unauthorized bootlegs, as well as from fan-produced tribute series such as Package Parodies, Pranky Products, and Silly Supermarket Stickers.

Wacky Packages All-New Series 2 pack

ANS2 foil wrappers were yellow with a red logo—a fitting follow-up to ANS1's red packaging, since in the Wacky lines issued in 1973 and in 1979, yellow packs followed red.

Packs contained 6 cards, with a 1–in–4 packs chance of finding a cling insert, and a 1–in–6 chance of pulling a tattoo. They could be found in priced (99 cents) or unpriced versions.

The back of the pack wrapper announced that Topps Vault auctions for ANS2 art would begin on June 1, 2005.

For a thorough breakdown of the dizzying array of packaging variations offered in the two waves of ANS2, see Greg Grant's page, "Wacky Packages 2005 Boxes, Shipping Cases and Packs."

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Spinoffs/Licensed Products

Official Collector Album

Collector Album front cover The Wacky Packages Official Collector Album shipped from Topps in late July to accompany the Nationwide release of ANS2. The 6" x 8" album contained 14 pages with 4 vinyl pockets each, for storing 56 cards.

"Sticker Album" Flyer

Collector Album Flyer (click to enlarge) A flyer that surfaced in May 2005 advertised the Official Collector Album.

On the flyer, the name of the item is shown to be "Sticker Album" rather than "Collector Album." The name may have been changed because "sticker album" suggests that the stickers are to be peeled and stuck inside.

One illustration on the flyer showed the unpublished "Slacker Jack" sticker in an album pocket, perhaps a hint that the flyer was developed at a stage when "Slacker" was still on the series checklist.

Album Cases/Display Boxes

A case contained 2 boxes with 10 albums per box.

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