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37. Creeps


Art Stages

Rough Concept Drawing - click to enlarge Real Product  - click to enlarge Rough Concept Drawing
Only minor differences can be found in comparing the initial rough drawing with the final painted pieces. In the rough, the "BornBad" logo is on the side of the box rather than the front (this is also the case with the "JustBorn" logo on the real Peeps package); the chick character on the box appears to be wearing a skintight cap; and the heart tattoo worn by the first Creep on the left says "Creeps" (plural).

Due to Topps' policy that restricted the depiction of certain types of weapons, the Creeps characters could not be shown holding guns or knives.
Final Painting #1 (Violet, Unpublished) - click to enlarge Final Painting #1 (violet version, unpublished)
Topps approved David Gross's "Creeps" rough without discussing which color of Peeps marshmallows—yellow, violet, pink, or blue—that he would paint. Gross completed the final painting in violet and submitted it to Topps.
Final Painting #2 (Yellow, Published) - click to enlarge Final Painting #2 (yellow version, published)
After Topps editors saw the violet version, they asked Gross to repaint it in the more traditional yellow.

Both of the final paintings differ from the rough in that the headgear worn by the chick on the box is a red bandana; the "BornBad" logo is on the package front; and the first Creep's tattoo reads "Creep" (singular).

Printed Sticker

Card Front - click to enlarge Card Back - click to enlarge Card Front & Back
The Middle Right (ML) piece of the "Count Funkula" puzzle is found on the back of "Creeps."

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