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46. epOxy


Art Stages

Rough Concept Drawing - Click to EnlargeReal Product  - Click to EnlargeRough Concept Drawing
Only a few minor changes separate David Gross's final "epOxy" painting from his original rough.
Final Painting - Click to EnlargeFinal Painting
Originally, Gross made the letters of the epOXY logo all the same size, à la EPOXY. Rendered that way, Topps felt it was hard to figure out the name of the original product, so Gross repainted it so that the EP was smaller. Gross added more detail to the top of the box, as well as the new joke "Make Zits Stick!", while he was painting the final.

Gross paid tribute to the 1973 Wacky title "Botch Tape" with the image of the two flies stuck in glue.

The Topps Vault sold the finished art for "epOxy" for $2125.00 in an eBay auction which ran from January 26 - February 2, 2006.

Printed Sticker

Card Front - Click to Enlarge Card Back - Click to Enlarge Card Front & Back
The Top Middle (TM) piece of the "Bling Dings" puzzle is found on the back of "epOxy."                                     

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