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04. Spite


Art Stages

Rough Concept Drawing - click to enlarge Rough Concept Drawings
Gross's first idea was a little more elaborate than the final version, and more illustrative of the "sore loser" theme. In the sketch, a 2nd place runner-up pours a can of the soda on the 1st-place winner's head. The flavor of Spite is "Sour Grapes," and a bunch of them replaces the lemon-lime icon of the real product. Rough Concept Drawing revised - click to enlarge
The revised sketch replaces the two-character scene of the first concept with just the disgruntled second place winner. The "Sour Grapes" tagline is still in place, but other wording has been whited-out, along with the grapes themselves.
Final Painting - click to enlargeFinal Painting
On the final, the lemon-lime icon of the real product has been given a puckered face, and the words "Sour Puss" have replaced the "Sour Grapes" of the roughs.

Printed Card

Card Front - click to enlarge Card Back - click to enlarge Card Front & Back
The Bottom Left (BL) piece of the "Slacker Jack" puzzle is found on the back of "Spite."


Card Front - Click to Enlarge Silly Supermarket Sticker: "Spite"
A spoof of Sprite using the same name coincidentally appeared in Top Shelf Enterprises' Silly Supermarket Stickers series 3, a Wacky-like set of 30 cards that surfaced in the Fall of 2005.

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