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The Annotated Wacky Packages pages aim to document Topps' All-New Series (2004 - present) in contextual depth for fans and collectors:

ANS3 base sticker 'Stumble Bee', 'Red Veins' foil sticker, 'Big Muc' magnet

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Pre-release image of ANS3 pack

Topps issued the first wave of All-New Series 3 in a Test Release to limited markets in December 2005. It was followed by a Nationwide Release that shipped in late February 2006, accompanied by six new Bonus Cards available in carded blister packs and in retailer-exclusive bonus boxes.

With 71 unique paintings appearing among the base set, foil insert cards, and bonus stickers, ANS3 contains the largest number of new titles of any Wacky Packages series.

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Click on the hyperlinked names (more to come) for further information about individual titles.

Promo Cards

 [ ] Spitter-Man

Base Set Cards (55 titles)

01 [ ] Cocoa Pups29 [ ] Spitter-Man
02 [ ] Toady Grahams30 [ ] Liploc
03 [ ] Snorox31 [ ] Del Monster
04 [ ] Spite32 [ ] Pine-Soil
05 [ ] Hair33 [ ] Rasta Roni
06 [ ] Watchemacrawlit      34 [ ] Coca-Cobra
07 [ ] Breakbone's*35 [ ] Juicy Snot Drop
08 [ ] Browny36 [ ] Hopeless
09 [ ] Life Savings37 [ ] Tantrum
10 [ ] Nerd38 [ ] Stench's
11 [ ] Gutterball39 [ ] Ego
12 [ ] I Can't Believe It's Not Better!
13 [ ] Deer Parts40 [ ] Reekola
14 [ ] Yeti Wip41 [ ] Blubberlicious
15 [ ] Turtle Whack42 [ ] Yoo Goo
16 [ ] Coldate43 [ ] Zilla Wafers
17 [ ] Smellmo44 [ ] Leggo
18 [ ] Cursed Fright Strips45 [ ] Slacker Jack
19 [ ] Brawl Park46 [ ] Ordinary K
20 [ ] Chara Pet47 [ ] Gripe-Nuts
21 [ ] Darn48 [ ] Kongsford
22 [ ] Cadbully49 [ ] Spud Stick
23 [ ] Brick50 [ ] Bald-Aid
24 [ ] Sunburn51 [ ] Scavenging Bubbles
25 [ ] Cap'n Crutch52 [ ] Energeyser
26 [ ] Doze53 [ ] Prickles*
27 [ ] Stumble Bee54 [ ] Jelly-O
28 [ ] Secrete55 [ ] Lazy

*The reverse of this card comes in two variations, with copyright and without copyright. Both versions are equally plentiful.

Foil Cards (10 titles)

F01 [ ] CroakF06 [ ] Alive
F02 [ ] TotaledF07 [ ] Liquid Bummr
F03 [ ] Kibbles n ZitsF08 [ ] Greese Sticks
F04 [ ] Crummy TimeF09 [ ] Raisin Brain
F05 [ ] Thomess the TrainwreckF10 [ ] Red Veins

Magnet Cards (9 titles)

M1 [ ] BustedfingerM6 [ ] Footsie
M2 [ ] Slum MaidM7 [ ] Big Muc
M3 [ ] HiptonM8 [ ] Slam Jim
M4 [ ] Shrunken DonutsM9 [ ] Monotony
M5 [ ] Generally Demented     

Bonus Cards (6 titles)

B1 [ ] McFurry
B2 [ ] My Scream Barfie
B3 [ ] Bullseye
B4 [ ] Mutt-Bone
B5 [ ] Miracle Growl
B6 [ ] Messquik

Unpublished Paintings*

Three completed paintings, all by David Gross, were dropped from the ANS3 preliminary checklist and replaced with other titles before the publication of Wave 1.

[ ] Hi-Sea
[ ] Picky Stix
[ ] Snore Caps

* See notes about unpublished Wacky Packages

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Credits Matrix

John Williams - Editor and Writer
Jeff Zapata - Editor, Concept Artist, and Writer

#TitlePainterConcept Writer/Artist
01Cocoa PupsDavid GrossDavid Gross
02Toady GrahamsJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
03SnoroxStrephon TaylorAdam Harris/ Neil Camera
04SpiteDavid GrossDavid Gross
05HairDavid GrossDavid Gross
06WatchemacrawlitJohn PoundAdam Harris/ Neil Camera
07Breakbone'sDavid GrossDavid Gross
08BrownyStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
09Life SavingsJohn PoundAdam Harris/ Neil Camera
10NerdDavid GrossDavid Gross
11GutterballDavid GrossDavid Gross
12I Can't Believe...Joe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
13Deer PartsDavid GrossDavid Gross
14Yeti WipJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
15Turtle WhackDavid GrossDavid Gross
16ColdateMark SparacioNeil Camera
17SmellmoDavid GrossDavid Gross
18Cursed Fright StripsMark SparacioJoe McWilliams
19Brawl ParkDavid GrossDavid Gross
20Chara PetDavid GrossDavid Gross
21DarnStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
22CadbullyJohn PoundDavid Gross
23BrickDavid GrossDavid Gross
24SunburnDavid GrossDavid Gross
25Cap'n CrutchStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
26DozeDavid GrossDavid Gross
27Stumble BeeJohn PoundJoe McWilliams
28SecreteDavid GrossDavid Gross
29Spitter-ManDavid GrossDavid Gross/Jeff Zapata
30LiplocDavid GrossDavid Gross
31Del MonsterJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
32Pine-SoilMark SparacioJoe McWilliams
33Rasta RoniDavid GrossDavid Gross
34Coca-CobraJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
35Juicy Snot DropStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
36HopelessGeorge WrightGeorge Wright
37TantrumDavid GrossDavid Gross
38Stench'sGeorge WrightGeorge Wright
39EgoDavid GrossDavid Gross
40ReekolaM. WartellaM. Wartella
41BlubberliciousDavid GrossDavid Gross
42Yoo GooClaude St. AubinNeil Camera
43Zilla WafersJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
44LeggoStrephon TaylorNeil Camera
45Slacker JackTom BunkFrank Santopadre/ Jeff Zapata
46Ordinary KDavid GrossDavid Gross
47Gripe-NutsJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
48KongsfordJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
49Spud StickJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
50Bald-AidDavid GrossDavid Gross
51Scavenging BubblesDavid GrossDavid Gross
52EnergeyserJohn PoundNeil Camera
53PricklesDavid GrossDavid Gross
54Jelly-ODavid GrossDavid Gross
55LazyStrephon TaylorDavid Gross
F01CroakDavid GrossDavid Gross
F02TotaledDavid GrossDavid Gross
F03Kibbles n ZitsDavid GrossDavid Gross
F04Crummy TimeJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
F05Thomess the TrainwreckJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
F06AliveStrephon TaylorDavid Gross
F07Liquid BummrJohn PoundJohn Pound
F08Greese SticksM. WartellaM. Wartella
F09Raisin BrainJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
F10Red VeinsStrephon TaylorStrephon Taylor
B1McFurryNeil CameraNeil Camera
B2My Scream BarfieDavid GrossDavid Gross
B3BullseyeJeff JordanNeil Camera
B4Mutt-BoneDavid GrossDavid Gross
B5Miracle GrowlDavid GrossDavid Gross
B6MessquikDavid GrossDavid Gross

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Promotional materials for ANS3 began to appear as early as summer 2005.

Print Advertising

Promo Cards

The Annoying Spitter-Man

Topps distributed a free card (not a die-cut sticker) at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con (July 14-17) which served as a promotion for both ANS2 and a tease for the forthcoming All-New Series 3.

"Spitter-Man" also appears as base card #29 in the first wave of ANS3.

'Spitter-Man' promo front 'Spitter-Man' promo back The card front is a parody of the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962), the first appearance of Marvel's Spider-Man. The "Spitter-Man" gag was devised by Wacky series editor Jeff Zapata and painted by artist David Gross. The back of the card touts ANS2 as "On Sale Now!" while suggesting that ANS3 is "Coming Soon."

Flyers/Sell Sheets/Posters

2-page Product Preview Flyer

Pre-release flyer page 1 - click to enlarge Pre-release flyer page 2 - click to enlarge Topps issued a 2-sided flyer to dealers in November 2005 that gave the public its first glimpse of ANS3.

Preliminary Checklist

Preliminary Checklist page 1 - click to enlarge Preliminary Checklist page 2 - click to enlarge These checklist pages were revealed on 11/12/05. Several days later, word was received that three titles from this list had been dropped, though the names were not revealed at the time. When the published checklist was seen during the week of 12/19/05, it was apparent that "Picky Stix," had been replaced by "Nerd" (#10); "Hi-Sea" had been replaced by "Cursed Fright Strips" (#18); and "Snore Caps" had been replaced by "Spud Stick" (#49).

"Wack Attack" (Skateboard) Brochure

Distributors and retailers received this 4-page fold-out promotional brochure for the National Release of ANS3 in early December. Click the thumbnails to enlarge each page; see also pages 2 and 3 together.

brochure page 1 brochure page 2 brochure page 3 brochure page 4

Sell Sheet

sell sheet - click to enlarge First seen in January 2006, this 1-page sell sheet excerpts elements from the ANS3 4-page brochure (above).

Magazine Ads

Previews cover thumbnail Previews catalog ad for ANS3 - click to enlarge The December 2005 issue of Diamond Comics Previews catalog (Volume XV, #12) carried Topps' solicitation to hobby and comics shops for orders of the nationwide release of ANS3 (page 400). The full page facing the solicitation (page 401) contained a Topps advertisement for the series.

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