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11. Count Funkula

'Count Funkula'

Art Stages

Alternate Rough Concept Drawing - Click to EnlargeAlternate Rough Concept
David Gross's original take on Count Chocula, "Count Chokeula," was rejected by Topps.
Rough Concept Drawing - Click to EnlargeReal Product - Click to EnlargeRough Concept Drawing
In Gross's original "Funkula" rough, the word "pimp" appeared on the pimp cup (the first bit of bling on the left).
Final Painting - Click to Enlarge Final Painting
Gross added the line "NET WT 24k", and after Topps objected to the word "pimp," he changed the text on the cup icon to read "O.G." (Original Gangsta) for the finished art.

Printed Sticker

Card Front - Click to Enlarge Card Back - Click to Enlarge Card Front & Back
The Middle Left (ML) piece of the "Buzzooka" puzzle is found on the back of "Count Funkula."                                     

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