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21. Sweatin' Fish'Sweatin' Fish'

Art Stages

Rough Concept Drawing - Click to EnlargeReal Product  - Click to Enlarge Rough Concept Drawing
The concept that David Gross submitted to Topps for his Swedish Fish parody went through minor changes on its path to publication. On the rough drawing, the "Net Catch" number is 50 OZ; the adjective "unedible" is applied to the product; the candy fish visible through the package window are asleep or dead; and the three fish on the package have "sweatin'" written on their sides.
Final Painting (Before Revision) - Click to EnlargeFinal Painting (Before Revision)
On the completed painting, the "Net Catch" number has been scaled back to 18 OZ. The fish inside the package are now more expressive. Also, unlike the rough, the contour of the black outline around the bottom of the package echoes the dripping sweat.
Final Painting (Revised) - Click to EnlargeFinal Painting (Revised)
Following a review of this and other pieces by Wacky Packages progenitor Len Brown, Topps decided that each of the three fish on the package should have a different adjective written on it, so two were changed from "sweatin'" to "stinkin'" and "smelly."

"Sweatin' Fish" was the first of David Gross's series 2 pieces to be auctioned from the Topps Vault. The auction, which ran from June 19-26, 2005, ended at $1525.00.

Printed Stickers

Card Front - Click to Enlarge Card Front
Several alterations appear to have been made after the art was scanned for reproduction: The word "unedible" was corrected to "inedible"; some of the small, falling sweat drips visible at the bottom of the painting have been partially obscured by black on the sticker, apparently to move them out of the way of the die-cut line; and the outer contour of the black outline was modified so that the bulges are more regular.
Card Back - Click to Enlarge Card Back
The Bottom Right (BR) piece of the "Bling Dings" puzzle is found on the back of "Sweatin' Fish."
Tattoo Front - Click to Enlarge Tattoo Back - Click to Enlarge Chase Card Version
Tattoo # 6 of 10                 

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