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B4. Plop on Pop

'Plop on Pop'


"Plop on Pop" was created in 1990, during the production of the 1991 Wacky Packages series. Two other (less scatological) Dr. Seuss book parodies were published in that set:

It is possible that "Pop" would have been part of the 1992 follow-up release, had that series not been cancelled by Topps before publication.

'Plop on Pop' pencil art Sometime prior to 2004, artist John Pound posted his original pencil art for "Plop on Pop" for sale on his web site, giving fans their first look at the unfinished title.

'ANS1 brochure page 4 In February 2004, "Plop on Pop" appeared in promotional material for All-New Series 1, leading to the expectation that it would see the light of day at last. It was shown in color for the first time on Topps' four-page advance brochure and cited on the accompanying preliminary checklist as Base Sticker #46, "DR. Flush [sic]." However, by the time of the set's publication in May, "Pop" had been replaced on the checklist by another title, "Dead Bull."

"Plop on Pop" was finally published in July 2005 as the B4 bonus sticker in All-New Series 2.

Printed Sticker

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The "Plop on Pop" card was found exclusively in Bonus Boxes of ANS2 that were sold in retail outlets serviced by card distributor Legends, LP, such as Wal-Mart and K.B. Toys.                                      

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