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25. Bling Dings

'Bling Dings'

Art Stages

Yokels - click to enlarge Antecedent: "Yokels"
Several years before he was commissioned by Topps to produce art for their new series, David Gross created a number of "homemade" images inspired by Wacky Packages. Gross submitted one of them, a parody of Drake's Yodels called "Yokels," as a candidate for ANS2. It was not accepted because the Topps editorial review board did not understand the multi-layered gag, featuring the play on egg yolks and the yokel character. Since Gross liked Drake's graphics, he moved on to a spoof of their Ring Dings cakes.

(More of Gross's homemades can still be found on the archive of John Mann's web site at David Gross Originals)
Rough Concept Drawing - click to enlarge Real Product  - click to enlarge Rough Concept Drawing
Gross's "Bling Dings" rough is a near-exact blueprint for the final painting, aside from the placement of several of the jewelry pieces and the inversion of the phrase "Street Value $50."
Final Painting - click to enlargeFinal Painting
The Topps Vault sold the finished art for "Bling Dings" for $1,590.00 in an eBay auction which ran from November 24 - December 1, 2005.

Printed Stickers

Card Front - click to enlarge Card Back - click to enlarge Card Front & Back
"FedUp," a spoof of the FedEx web site, is found on the back of "Bling Dings."                                     
Tattoo Front - Click to Enlarge Tattoo Back - Click to Enlarge Chase Card Version
Tattoo # 4 of 10                 

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