The Annotated Wacky Packages All-New Series 4
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The Annotated Wacky Packages pages aim to document Topps' All-New Series (2004 - present) in contextual depth for fans and collectors:

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Annotated ANS4 Index

Credits Matrix

John Williams - Senior Editor and Writer
Jeff Zapata - Editor, Concept Artist, and Writer

#TitlePainterConcept Writer/Artist
1Creature BarrelDavid GrossDavid Gross
2Orca SeltzerJohn PoundNeil Camera
3Gooby SnacksDavid GrossDavid Gross
4SpazJohn Pound(?)
5Viper RubJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
6Mountain DuoJohn PoundJay Lynch
7Snake WellsDavid GrossDavid Gross
8PupsodentGeorge WrightGeorge Wright
9JIPDavid GrossDavid Gross
10CannibalsJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
11MallomartiansDavid GrossDavid Gross
12Skin BruiserJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
13Mrs. FiendsDavid GrossDavid Gross
14Baby ToothJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
15The Da Vinci ColdJohn PoundFred Wheaton
16Cheese PoodlesDavid GrossDavid Gross
17MuttRageousDavid GrossDavid Gross
18TwigglersClaude St. AubinFred Wheaton
19Mr. Potato DeadDavid GrossDavid Gross
20Pay-DohTom BunkNeil Camera
21Frosted Shredded FeetDavid GrossDavid Gross
22BoreoTom BunkNeil Camera
23Misery DateDavid GrossDavid Gross
24Hoggin' DogzJohn PoundRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
25MudDavid GrossDavid Gross
26FrogressoJohn PoundRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
27Geek GiantDavid GrossDavid Gross
28Elder's GlueJohn ZeleznikFred Wheaton
29RobotussinDavid GrossDavid Gross
30Chicken in a CasketJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
31JujitsubeesM. WartellaM. Wartella
32SympathyDavid GrossDavid Gross
33FantomDavid GrossDavid Gross
34Fisherman's PhlegmM. WartellaM. Wartella
35DownerDavid GrossRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
36Hex MixDavid GrossDavid Gross
37Fancy FeetDavid GrossDavid Gross
38BannedDavid GrossDavid Gross
39PlasticDavid GrossDavid Gross
40Coal FlakesDavid GrossDavid Gross
41Pullin StringsDavid GrossDavid Gross
42Maze-olaMark SparacioRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
43Sweat TartsJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
44Witch BoneMark SparacioNeil Camera
45Stubble BubbleJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
46BomM. WartellaM. Wartella
47Tacky PackagesDavid GrossRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
48SuperhamJohn ZeleznikJohn Zeleznik
49Quicker GoatmealGeorge WrightGeorge Wright
50AridzonaDavid GrossDavid Gross
51Dum N' OldGeorge WrightGeorge Wright
52After LifeDavid GrossDavid Gross
53SchleppsLuis DiazJay Lynch(?)
54Bug RedJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
55Philosophical Dream CheeseJoe McWilliamsJoe McWilliams
B1Stella Dork'oDavid GrossDavid Gross
B2NeutrogenieDavid GrossDavid Gross
B3Pounded PuppiesDavid GrossDavid Gross
B4St. HivesMark SparacioRenée Davis/
Fred Wheaton
B5Botch GardDavid GrossDavid Gross
B6Sic PensDavid GrossDavid Gross

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