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The Annotated Wacky Packages pages aim to document Topps' All-New Series (2004 - present) in contextual depth for fans and collectors:

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Topps issued All-New Series 5 in February 2007. Check back for more detailed information on this series coming soon.

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Promotional materials for ANS5 began to appear in fall 2006.

Print Advertising

Flyers/Sell Sheets/Posters

"Pop Culture" (Iffy Pop) Brochure

Distributors and retailers received this 4-page fold-out promotional brochure for ANS5 in December 2006. Click the thumbnails to enlarge each page; see also pages 2 and 3 together.

brochure page 1 brochure page 2 brochure page 3 brochure page 4

Sell Sheet

sell sheet - click to enlarge First seen in December 2006, this 1-page sell sheet mirrors elements from the ANS5 4-page brochure (above).

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